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"A regime which provides human beings no deep reasons to care about one another cannot long preserve its legitimacy." Richard Sennett, The Corrosion of Character

The structural change in the employment market has led to far-reaching changes in almost all jobs and branches of the economy.

The job as a lifelong orientation model is replaced by changing jobs or discontinuous job biographies. It is noticeable, however, that the working population continues to base its working activity on high and stable ethical standards that are of importance outside work.

Based on our conviction that people are the hub of the working world, we integrate the interests, wishes, ideas and self-image of the individual into our solutions and proposals in harmony with the economic interests of the company.

Spectrum of services:


  • Coaching persons (QMR, EMR, process owners) in performing their tasks, e.g.

    • strategy development
    • determining key figures
    • preparing management assessment reports
    • communication
    • employee satisfaction
    • customer satisfaction
    • team-building


  • Selection and recruitment of QM and QA personnel